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Setting Up A Business In Miami Beach? 5 Great Opportunities For Startups

If you are looking for set up a new business in the Miami Beach area, you’ve come to the right place. We got in touch with long-time South Florida businessman Lee S. Rosen to ask for insights on the best businesses to start in the area.


Truth be told, Miami is a treasure trove of opportunities whether you’re single, a young couple, or have a family. With its excellent busines climate, continuously growing domestic economy, and the absence of local and state personal income taxes, it is, no doubt, the place to be. That’s not to mention the awesome weather and the long beach line that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US.


Here are 5 small businesses you can start in Miami Beach.


  1. Tour guide services


Miami is a melting pot of different cultures mostly because it is tourism center. Having one of the largest cruise ports in the world, it attracts thousands of visitors every year. If you are familiar with every twist and turn around the city, you can set up shop as a tour guide to help visitors find their way around town. You can create specialized tours that cater to a specific market or customized experiences, depending on what your clients are looking for.


“The good thing about being tour guide in Miami is that you don’t need a license or certification to be one,” notes Lee S. Rosen. “You can even set it up with zero capital, just as long as you know your way around and offer added value to tourists for a big tip.”


  1. Car or transport service


This is related to tourism because people will need a mode of transportation to go around. Depending on your budget, your coverage could be local, intra-city or cross-state. To start your own car service in Miami, you will need the right permits and licenses. Also, there are a lot of players in this industry, but if you play your cards right and market to the right people, you could be well on your way to having a fleet.


  1. Food truck or restaurant business


Everybody loves food. If you are great at cooking, you can start your very own small food cart business to showcase your specialties. While there are plenty of groceries in Miami and people do have their own kitchens, the fast-paced lifestyle among many makes taking out from food trucks a necessary convenience.


You can set up a full-service resto with a wide menu, or focus on one or two products for a foodcart. The good thing about the latter is that it can be mobile, so you can definitely go where the crowd is not be confined to just one space.


“I’m always out on meetings and sometimes don’t have the time to sit down for a full meal. I find food trucks a cheap, delicious and hearty way to get me going for the rest of the day,” adds Rosen.


  1. Day care services


Families are among the frequent visitors to Miami. Most hotels do offer kid care services, but they can come at quite a cost. You can offer to take care of the kids for families on holiday, so the grownups can enjoy everything that Miami has to offer without worrying about the little ones. Some day care services offer added value to clients beyond just keeping watch over the kids in a playroom. Some companies offer enrichment classes and sporting activities to that the kids, too, have a memorable time during their Miami trip.


Day care services also cater to locals with busy parents. Because Miami is such a bustling metropolis and nanny care is expensive, day care centers offer a cheaper alternative to young families.


  1. Errand service


As mentioned repeatedly, everybody in Miami is busy rushing off to somewhere or working. That means limited time to go out and get groceries, pay the bills, get the car tuned up, pick up the laundry, and more. Setting up an errand service helps makes people’s lives easier — and your pocket heftier.


“It’s a win-win situation. You don’t even need capital to start this business,” notes Lee S. Rosen.


You can begin with friends and family, and then when you’ve established your reputation as an honest and quick service provider, you can start marketing to strangers.


There is no shortage of business that you can start with or without capital in Miami Beach. Because of the sheer number of people that come and go, in addition to its huge population, there are plenty of opportunities to earn and make a living.

Living In Miami Beach: Insider Tips From South Florida Businessman Lee S. Rosen

Miami Beach is part of Miami and is composed of a long stretch of island located in the Atlantic Ocean. While it is more known as an entertainment and tourist destination, it is actually a very nice place to live and take root. But before you pack your belongings and decide to live here, you have to first be familiar with the different neighborhoods that make up with beautiful place.


For this purpose, we sought the help of long-time South Florida businessman Lee Rosen, chairman and CEO of Healthy Bees LLC, for his valuable insights. Now, let’s have a look at how it is to live in the different parts of Miami Beach.


South Beach

Fondly called by the locals as SoBe, this trendy part of Miami beach is the partygoer and shopper’s paradise. This walkable beachfront space is lined with fancy restaurants, retail shops, and nightclubs. SoBe is made for the party crowd and many establishments are open 24/7.

“Needless to say, the real estate here comes at quite price. Renting a condo unit, for one, might cost $2000 per month,” notes Lee Rosen. “But if you want to be where all the action is, it’s an awesome place to live in.”


So be is not really recommended for families with small children because there are limited entertainment options for the little ones. Parking spaces are also scarce and some condo units charge at least $100 monthly to park at their premises, in addition to the rent. You’ll rarely have use for a car here, though, so most locals opt to store their vehicles in nearby beach storage units for the time being.


South of Fifth


SoFi is located at the southernmost tip of Miami Beach and is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the area. It is home to some of the wealthiest people and Hollywood celebrities.


“Rents at SoFi cost around $3000 a month, but this high price comes with the best in luxury,” adds Lee Rosen. “Most if not all condos here have pools, tennis courts, 24-hour security… the works!”


Mid Beach


Small families might find a nice place to at Mid Beach, which is Miami Beach’s more kid-friendly and laid-back area. It is still home to plenty of shopping centers and beachfront hotels, but the landscape is wider (meaning parking is less of a hassle). Housing still comes with a hefty price tag, with condo units going for $200,000 and single houses priced at around $1 million. Rents are friendlier than SoBe and SoFi, though, costing between $1200 to $3500 montly depending on the site and the size of the space.


Bal Harbour


If you want to get away from the MTV Spring Break atmosphere, you can choose to live in Bal Harbour, which is located at the northern tip. The residential community is still luxurious, but it is a lot quieter and calmer. That said, all the relaxation and calm come with a premium. Rents at this area cost between $2,500 to $4,000 monthly.


“There are so many places to consider before deciding to live in Miami Beach,” notes Lee Rosen. “Don’t forget Sunset Islands, the North Beach, and Surfside, each of which offers unique price points and traits that will make them a suitable place to take root.”


But, regardless of the price, what makes Miami Beach really attractive is its sprawling beaches. Imagine waking up to the view of sea every day — that alone is priceless.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A House In South Florida

South Beach FL

South Florida is one of the most coveted zip codes when it comes to living or owning property. Long-time Miami-based businessman Lee S. Rosen tells us in a quick chat the many perks of living in one of the busiest places in the US and why it’s well worth the investment. Miami Beach alone is considered one of the most fashionable cities in the world. Given the high number of tourists coming and going, plus the local population, it is a great place to establish a business and take root.


Here are 5 things you should consider before deciding on a South Florida house.


  1. Buy a house if you really want to stay


Lee S. Rosen South Florida has a unique set of characteristics that is not present in other areas in the US. For one, it fosters a luxurious and easygoing lifestyle. It is also home to a bustling nightlife. All that said, if you cannot imagine yourself living here for a minimum of 3 years, it might not yet be the right time to purchase a home.


  1. Check your buying capacity


“Homes in South Florida are expensive compared to other parts of the US, but that’s the price you pay for being in such a beautiful environment,” notes Lee S. Rosen.


If you are thinking of buying a home here, you might require taking out a loan. Because real estate prices are high, you will need a strong credit rating to qualify. Before you consider buying, check your credit report first and see if there are any errors so you can correct them before the loan officers have a look at your capacity to pay.


  1. See if there are schools nearby


Because you are buying to stay, you will likely be starting a family soon, if you don’t already have one. Look for an area that has a great selection of schools. Not only will these be convenient for you in the long term, but will also give your property a higher value in the future. Homes that are near great schools tend to be more desirable and valuable.


  1. Check out the mortgage options available in the area


“There are plenty of lenders in the South Florida area, so take the time to look around to see which you can afford,” advises Lee Rosen. Some home lenders require a 20 percent downpayment up front. If you can’t pay this yet, you can opt to apply with the Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other agencies that offer mortages as low as 3 percent.


  1. Get the help of a real estate professional


To be sure that you are getting the right property for your needs and your budget, it’s best to enlist the professional services of a licensed real estate broker. While there are plenty of DIY tips available online, nothing still beats the informed advice of somebody who knows his or her way around the industry. This is especially important if you’re a first-time home owner. The agent will have all the information you need and will present the best options available so you can find a beautiful South Florida home at a price that you are comfortable with.


“Buying a home in South Florida is without a doubt expensive, but all the benefits that you gain out of it are simply too precious to pass up,” adds Lee S. Rosen. “I’ve been living here for decades and even set up my business here. I have never regretted that decision to move here since.”

What’s It Like To Live In Miami? South Florida Businessman Lee Rosen Shares His Insights

Lee Rosen – Miami is called “The Magic City” not just because of this 24/7 bustling party scene but mostly because it is one of the largest business centers in the world. The place is home to one of the largest cruise ports in the US, thus opening a lot of doors for tourism, commerce, creative arts and more. In addition, the diversity of its inhabitants make it a melting pot of cultures and communities, placing it a par with the likes of New York only with more sun and sand.  According to statistics, Miami is home to a large Hispanic community, most of whom come from Cuba, so it’s really a diverse and fun mix of music, cuisine, and art.

“There’s a lot of reasons to visit and live in Miami, and that goes out to individuals, families and business owners,” notes Lee Rosen, chairman and CEO of Miami-based bee supplement maker Healthy Bees LLC. “I’ve been living here for years and have seen so many new people finding fresh opportunities to enrich their lives. Miami never really runs out of room for growth,” Lee Rosen adds.

Some people have the impression that Miami is just for the partygoers and businesses that cater to this type of market. Well, we really can’t blame them because that’s really what we mostly see on TV and movies. However, there is a lot more to “The Magic City” beyond its party-hard reputation. In addition to having plenty of career growth options and it’s simply lovable weather all-year-round, it is also a wonderful place to raise a family, whether traditional or non-traditional.

“The average annual salary for Miami is around $46,000 while the monthly rent normally goes at $1,100. At $200,000, you can already buy a nice home. That’s not bad for this world-class location,” adds Lee Rosen. “Miami is not all about entertainment and partying. There’s actually plenty of quiet areas that are well suited for growing families.”

When it comes to getting around, however, its still-developing public transport system leaves a lot to be desired. This is why most residents drive their cars around to get anywhere, thus causing heavy traffic. “Residents are hoping they that the improvements to the Metrorail or Metrobus get completed soon, so people can stop being so dependent on cars, ” notes Lee Rosen.

5 Golf Skills That Will Get You Through A Tough Day At The Office – Lee Rosen

Golf is more than an entertaining sport. It is actually a way for people to learn and master skills that will enable them to be better at the game of life. That sounds cheesy, right. But when you really think about it, there are key social and psychological elements of golfing that will help make us more professional workers and, ultimately, better people.

“If you are doubting the value of spending an afternoon putting, driving and, for some, searching for wayward balls, you should realize that golf is an activity that is very personal,” notes Lee Rosen, avid golfing enthusiast who spends most his time on the green when he’s not busy being the CEO of Miami-based revolutionary company Healthy Bees LLC.


Here are 5 golfing skills that will help you win at work.


  1. Perseverance


“Golf teaches us that even when things don’t go our way, we still have to carry on,” says Lee Rosen. The same goes for a day at the office. You can’t let one bad shot take control of your day. You simply pick everything up and continue to push forward. This enduring attitude will also inspire others to do the same and improve their game.


  1. Respect and courtesy


If you’re playing a round of golf with some people, that is a basic show of respect, mostly because one round can take up a lot of your time. When you allocate a fraction of your busy schedule to be with someone, it means that you respect him or her or find value in this connection. Also, treat others the way you want to be treated. When others are taking their shot on the course, accord them the attention or silence so they can get the job done.


  1. Honesty and Integrity


The golf course has no referees and the players will be responsible for recording their own points, including penalties. By being accountable for your own actions and projecting the right conduct on the course, you gain the respect of your co-players and the golfing day ends on a positive note. Nobody wants to hang out with someone who cuts corners at play or at work. Etiquette and behavior are very important.


  1. Confidence


“When you are not confident about your swing, it will show on your performance,” adds Lee Rosen. “Confidence is a highly important trait when it comes to making business decisions or dealing with people at the office.” If you shortchange yourself, your colleagues and bosses likely will, too.


  1. Decision-making


Golf is both a game of skill and smart decision-making. This level of strategy-making is something that could be useful at the office. Every time you tee off, you’ve already played out the scenario of where your ball is likely to land. In terms of the workplace, with every action taken, think about how it will affect the rest of the individuals on the team and the company itself. Thinking ahead and planning your move gives you a better chance at emerging a winner every time.


Overall, golf is a mental sport with formulas that will help us be better as individuals and as professionals. “So, if you see a business opportunity, think about all the time you spent playing golf and see that all of the patience and hard work was all worth it,” notes Lee Rosen.

Lee S. Rosen – 5 Family Friendly Resorts In Miami

Lee S. Rosen – Miami is known for its beaches and bustling nightlife, but what many don’t know is that is also home to some of nicest family-friendly resorts in the US. Even amid the South Beach adult and party district, there are hotels that will have the parents happy while still ensuring that the kids have an awesome time, as well.

“Miami Beach is a treasure trove of attractions and that’s what makes it very attractive to both tourists and business owners,” comments Lee S. Rosen, a long-time resident of Miami and CEO of also Miami-based Healthy Bees LLC. “With the long stretch of white sandy shores, whether you’re looking to have a good time with friends or with children, you never really run out of things to do.”

Here are 5 of the best kid-friendly hotels in Miami that your family might want to consider for your next trip.


  1. Acqualina Resort & Spa (Sunny Isles, Miami)

This resort offers child-focused and relaxing atmosphere that tourists of all ages will want to be in. Over 2/3 of Acqualina’s amenities are composed of family structures (not hotel rooms), thus, giving it a free-to-roam air. Almost all rooms have pull-out beds to accommodate the kids while the dedicated kids’ room even has its own computer gaming center. The grownups can definitely find time to kick back and relax by the pool or the beach while the children are busy. Acqualina also has a kid-centric program called AcquaMarine, which offers a number of science-focused shows and activities for children ages 4 to 12 can get busy on.


  1. Trump International (Sunny Isles, Miami)

“It bears the word ‘Trump’ so one might think it’s all about bling and dollars, but it’s actually the most budget-considerate resort, at least in terms of what kids need,” notes Lee Rosen. You read that right. Trump International beach resort’s Kids Club is free of charge for guests to use. All family rooms at Trump are equipped with kitchenettes and clothes washing systems. Its grotto-themed swimming pool also as a shallow area for children. Of course, who could miss the funny hotel mascot Globie?


  1. Fontainebleau (Miami Beach, Miami)

This resort is a little swimmer’s paradise because it has several kid-friendly pools to splash around in. If your child is water-shy, the resort has swings. Fontainebleu’s kids’ club is also a delight for both children and adults. Kids ages 4 to 12 years old do not only stay and play, they are also treated to half- or full-day programs with instructors to help them with art, sports and theater activities.


  1. Loews (South Beach, Miami)

“This is one of the oldest family-oriented hotels in Miami Beach,” notes Lee Rosen. “It’s a favorite among tourists with kids simply because this resort is really all about giving the adults an opportunity to get away without necessarily leaving the children behind.”

It even has the slogan “Loews Loves Kids.” The resort has a team of friendly counselors that can take the kids on tours around the beach, as well as spearhead different types of creative and physical activities. The Loews has a Toy Library and often holds Nintendo Wii tournaments at the kids’ camp. For the little swimmers, it has a huge, but shallow, free-form pool section.

  1. The Biltmore (Coral Gables, Miami)

While The Biltomore has no dedicated kids’ club, it offers lots of children-centric activities so the adults can have their fun, as well. Take advantage of tennis lessons, as well as the 18-hole par, Donald Ross-designed golf course.Lee S. Rosen – For the food-loving kids, the resorts award-winning chefs often conduct cooking classes. All that complements the key attraction of the resort, which is the massive pool that sometimes gets performances from synchronized swimmers.

What’s Killing The Bees? Study Points To Poor Nutrition, Pesticides – Lee S. Rosen

Why should we worry about the declining numbers of bees? Honeybees are often dismissed as simple nuisances or even threats, similar to mosquitoes. However, their true function in the ecosystem is far from insignificant. Bees are actually critical pollinators responsible for 70 of some 100 types of crops that feed 90 percent of the world’s population. This is why reports of the continuing decline in their numbers is sending off alarms to agriculturists worldwide. If bees are gone so is our food.

In a study published on the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, scientists discovered that there are two key reasons for bee mortality: pesticide exposure and poor nutrition. This deadly combination increases bee deaths by as much as 50 percent.

“Chemicals in common agricultural pesticides, such as thiamethoxam and clothianidin, are a one-two punch to bee health,” notes Lee S. Rosen, chairman and chief executive of Miami-based Healthy Bees LLC. “These cause a drop in blood sugar levels on bees and other pollinators, causing them to lose energy to fuel their flights and, eventually, die out,” Lee Rosen adds.

It’s not just the bees, as the study suggests. Continuing pesticide exposure can also harm other animals and, thus, cause further imbalance in the ecosystem.

“It’s time we rethink the way we care for our crops in consideration of the health of important pollinators,” added Lee S. Rosen.

Healthy Bees is the producer of BeesVita Plus, a bee-targeted food supplement that strengthens natural defenses and protects them against, illness, bad nutrition and pesticides. It also claims to hold the solution for colony collapse disorder, or the sudden decline in bee numbers. Lee S. Rosen and his team hopes that will the increased public awareness on the importance of bees to the way we live, people pay attention to efforts for their preservation. After all, how are to live if the bees go away?

Relocating To Miami Beach? Lee Rosen Shares Insider Tips

Contrary to what most people might see on TV and movies, Miami Beach is not just one place but is actually composed of several blocks on a long stretch of land in the east downtown of Miami City. The shore faces the vast Atlantic Ocean, which serves a beautiful blue backdrop for its sandy beaches and hyper-active nightlife. For both the partygoer and the business owner, there’s no better place to be in than Miami Beach. This is why so many people all over the US and the world want to either retire or set up shop here.

Before you decide where to finally settle, we’ve chatted with long-time South Florida resident and entrepreneur Lee S. Rosen about the many fun and fabulous reasons why relocating to Miami Beach is the best decision you’ll ever make. Here are his top five most recommended neighborhoods.

Moving To South Beach?

Fondly called SoBe, this area offers a mix of shops, fancy eating places, clubs and condos. It is one of the trendiest places in Miami Beach and if you’re gunning for 24/7 entertainment, this is the place to be. South Beach is the core of the Miami Art Deco scene so you can expect a burst of color and culture everywhere.

Living in this area will have you settling into a stylish low- or high-rise condo unit. “The best thing about SoBe is that you live only 15 minutes away from the shore, and that’s just by walking. You literally smell the fresh ocean breeze every day,” notes Lee Rosen.

Rosen admits to not being too much of a partygoer, but says one can never really run out of things to do in South Beach. Bars usually stay open until the wee hours of the morning while most restaurants operate all day and night. The average rental price of condo units at this area is $2000 and this rates goes higher when you’re on Ocean Drive or the closer you are to the shore. There’s only one downside to this area, however — parking. So if you own a car, it’s best to store it elsewhere for the meantime, because you won’t really be needing it while here.

Moving To Surfside?

Surfside is located North of North Beach and is popular among locals. Its beach features a relatively small and secluded patch of land. It is also home to many quaint mom-and-pop businesses and community-oriented facilities, making it one of the most family friendly locales in Miami Beach.

“If you’re newlyweds or have a small family, this is a good place to start,” notes Lee Rosen. “The real estate is comparatively affordable, with rents going as low as $1200 in certain areas. You can even own a house with a budget of $300,000 to $500,000. Not bad for Miami Beach, right?” Lee Rosen adds.

Moving To The North Beach?

This area occupies the 63rd to the 88th streets and is where most single-family and multiple-family homes are located. Real estate here is cheaper compared to living in South Beach or Mid Beach. It is also home to plenty of elementary schools. For a budget of $500,000, you can already own a modest house for a medium sized family. You can also bring your car as most homes have their own carport or garage.

Moving To Mid Beach?

This is the family-friendly area of Miami Beach and covers the 24th to the 63rd streets. “The good thing about Mid Beach is that no matter where you live, you’ll just be within walking distance from the beach,” Lee Rosen shares. “You can have a condo unit, a house, or an apartment with varying rates of ownership or rent and, still, the beach is just there!”

What makes Mid Beach noteworthy is its very popular wooden boardwalk, where many Hollywood movies and TV shows have been filmed. It is also frequented by many tourists from other parts of Miami. Parking isn’t much a problem here, as well.

There are plenty of other areas in Miami Beach. These include the fancy seven-block radius of the South of Fifth (AKA SoFi), where celebrities are usually spotted, the million-dollar villa community that is the Sunset Islands, and the Spring Break-popular Bal Harbour. These are your go-to spots if you want to dine and shop fancy.

“There something for everyone of any age in Miami Beach,” Lee Rosen concludes.

May 20 Is World Bee Day, Says The United Nations

The increasingly alarming decline in the population of honey bees worldwide has alerted scientists all over the world to the urgency of efforts to preserve them. In fact, the potential problem is deemed so serious that United Nations Economic and Financial Committee called for an assembly in December 20, 2017 to officially announce that May 20 is now Wo

The resolution was proposed by Slovenia, with the support of all member states of the EU, and was decided on unanimously at the committee’s November meeting. The resolution has 155 co-sponsors, inclrld Bee Day.uding major countries Russia, China and the US.

“It’s high time that key decision makers of the world join forces to acknowledge and finally do something about the bees,” says Lee S. Rosen , chairman and CEO of Healthy Bees LLC. Healthy Bees is a Miami-based company that produces BeesVita Plus, a nutritional system designed especially for honey bees to help boost their natural immunity. This revolutionary product that Lee S. Rosen and a team of scientists developed protects bees from the ill effects of bad nutrition, pesticides and colony collapse disorder (CCD).

According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, bees are responsible for the proliferation of more than 170,000 plant species on earth. This is because some 71 percent of agricultural crops depend on pollination to survive and reproduce. However, over the last half decade, the number of bees in the world has dropped significantly. These are mostly due to climate change and the increased use of pesticides, which act the insects’ nervous systems, affecting their energy levels, weight and reproductive systems.

“World Bee Day can also serve as a reminder to everyone about how fascinating these insects are,” adds Lee S. Rosen. “For instance, to get just one kilo of honey, bees should visit as many as four million flowers and circle the world four times; now that’s a LOT of work that us humans should be grateful for.”

May 20 was chosen to be World Bee Day in celebration of Slovenian scientist Anton Jansa’s birthday. Jansa is known as a pioneer of modern beekeeping and is the first in the world to treat it as a science.