6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Apartment In Miami Beach

A Miami apartment screams prime real estate and, according to Miami entrepreneur Lee S. Rosen, it can. Before looking into the hip apartments of Miami Beach, it’s important to get to know what the place can offer you, and how you can benefit from it.

1. The Food is Amazing

While there are a lot of expensive tourist traps in Miami Beach, you’ll be happy to know that there are loads of affordable food trucks, cafes, and restaurants, too. Miami is mostly known for its vast selection of Cuban food, so if you want a taste of what Latin America has to offer, living there might just suit you.

The city is also known for its wide range of tropical fruits and, guess what, most of them are budget-friendly. Love mangoes? Your first mango season in Miami should be delightful.

2. One Realtor is Enough

Some other cities might force you to have two or more realtors. However, in Miami, you only need one to assist you with your real estate decisions. “It’s smart to stick to one realtor as your only partner during the whole process of buying an apartment in Miami,” advises Lee Rosen. If you’re a serious buyer, make sure to share your desires and all the necessary details with your realtor so he/she can find a place that meet your goals.

3. Flooding Could be a Problem

Miami is either too hot or too wet — that’s pretty much it. Sunny days may not bother you much, but the hurricane season could be problematic. And when there’s heavy rain and thunderstorms, flood is to be expected, although not in all areas. Some parts of Miami Beach are susceptible to flooding because they’re on the beach, obviously. When choosing real estate, know what the best options are and if the area has a flooding problem.

4. You’ll Love the Art Scene

Art Basel, an international art fair showcasing contemporary artworks by professional and new artists, has embedded the city’s name as an artistic destination. Miami’s Design District is a major attraction, as well. There you will see quite a creative neighborhood displaying the city’s adoration for art, design, and architecture. Art installations of different kinds are displayed in the district’s shopping stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

5. Parking Spaces are Limited

It’s a norm for Miami Beach apartment residents to rely on street parking because some apartments do not have their own lot. If you really need a space of your own, find an apartment that has its own garage and make sure there aren’t a lot of occupants with cars either.

Lots of lovely apartments do not have a parking space, but if you don’t mind having to part on the streets at night, it’s worth the risk, especially if you’re already comfortable with how the apartment is set up.

6. You’ll Soon Speak Spanish

The Latino culture is strong in Miami, making it a city full of bilinguals. If you’ve only spoken English before, it won’t take long before you learn a handful of Spanish words since basically everyone around you uses it. Miami has one of the highest immigrant populations in the U.S., so you’ll often hear Spanish being spoken on the street, shops, bars, restaurants, and offices. You may not learn the expanse of the language, but you’ll be able to spit out a few Español words all right.

“Buying an apartment in Miami Beach at the right price is key to staying afloat no matter what the economic conditions will look like in the future,” Lee Rosen notes. In the end, your readiness will determine if it’s time to find a new place or not.