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5 Best Restaurants In Fort Lauderdale

There was a time when Fort Lauderdale got a bad rap for its food scene, but thankfully things have changed these days. New restaurants have been popping out of nowhere, which really helped the culinary scene leap good miles in order to be seen on the map.

There a ton of things to do in Fort Lauderdale, but for now, let’s talk about food. Because really, why not? Food is one of the main reasons why people rate their experience in one place excellent, and in Fort Lauderdale, there’s no shortage of must-eat places.

“From comfort food to decadent fondue, Fort Lauderdale has it,” says South Florida businessman Lee S. Rosen. “In fact, South Florida’s food scene is so diverse, there’s definitely a cuisine for everyone.”

1. Terra Mare

Terra Mare is a newcomer at Fort Lauderdale and boasts a variety of dishes sourced from locally grown meat and seafood. Fitting, considering the name of the place is Italian for land and sea.

Terra Mare’ dynamic menu was created by Johan Svensson, an alum of Aquavit, Marcus Samuelsson’s NYC eatery. Some of the dishes you can enjoy in this restaurant include the finest tenderloin with roasted vegetables, crispy whole snapper with leeks, and sea bass with miso glaze. You’ll also love Terra Mare’s grilled romaine, beef tartare, and juicy oysters.

2. Apeiro Kitchen and Bar

When Apeiro opened its doors to the public three years back, it became a hit among restaurant reviewers, food bloggers, and local foodies. Broward Palm Beach New Times included Apeiro in their top 10 list of best new restaurants, and the Sun Sentinel rated it four stars. To this day, the restaurant is still a favorite among Floridians and tourists.

Apeiro Kitchen and Bar has a Miami location that serves Moroccan- and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Among those you should try is the Forest Mushroom flatbread and Moroccan spiced lamb ribs.

3. Asia Bay Sushi Bar and Thai

Found in the popular and prestigious Las Olas Boulevard, the Asia Bay Sushi Bar and Thai is where all Asian cuisine lovers go to taste delectable Thai food and mouth-watering sushi. The restaurant is known for using only the freshest ingredients, and you have the option of outdoor seating too. While eating at the popular restaurant, you also get a magnificent view of the Hmmarshee Canal, the perfect backdrop for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy good food and good people.

4. Amarena Bakery and Bistro

In Amarena, delightful batches of Argentine cuisine and European-style cakes await foodies of all ages. The bistro is spearheaded by Argentine pastry chef Ariel Oyarzabal, who provides guests with delectable profiterol and mil hojas. Amarena also serves cupcakes, petit fours, cake pops, bonbons, and mini tarts. For fans of Argentine treats, there’s a fine selection of Balcarce, Rogel, alfajor cake, subs, miga, and baked empanadas.

Chef Ariel’s wife, Daniela, is one of the first persons you will see upon entering the establishment, offering ham-stuffed bread called cachitos de jamon.

5. The Rusty Hook Tavern

“The thing about the Rusty Hook is that you won’t find it unless you go searching for it,” says Lee Rosen.”If you do come across it though, make sure to have a cocktail or two.”

The Rusty Hook Tavern operates under Gordon Ramsay’s ex-chef de cuisine Nader Jaouhar. Chef Nader previously helped run Ramsay’s Boca Raton restaurant called Cielo, which explains why in here you will find all kinds of seafood and a pleasant view of the Intracoastal while dining in.

While the food is extraordinary, the drinks deserve a spotlight as well. The Rusty Hook is famous for its dangerously-named cocktails such as Darn N Stormy, Guilty Plea, and Troublemaker. On Thursdays, ladies can enjoy half-priced drinks to go with their seafood.



5 Things To Do in Palm Beach

Popular for its beautiful beaches and upscale boutiques, Palm Beach has long been a favorite destination in Florida. Both foreign and local tourists are attracted to the bountiful scenery of this town and for many reasons. “Palm Beach has 47 miles of coastline, upscale shopping, and has a certain vibe that you can’t just find anywhere else,” says Miami businessman Lee S. Rosen.

And yet, there’s more to Palm Beach than just plain beachin’. The humongous town has all sorts of attractions that will all kinds of people will enjoy. Here are five of them:

 1. Go on an Adventure at Lion County Safari

South Beach FL

The Lion County Safari has been around for more than 50 years and is the only destination in Florida where you can partake in a drive-thru safari adventure. The wildlife preserve has more than 900 animals coming from different continents, including South America and India. Both young and old will enjoy the sight of zebras, giraffes, ostriches, impalas, buffaloes, alpacas, and the mighty lion.

In the vicinity, there’s also an amusement park that kids will love, full of rides, snack and gift shops, fish feeding activities, and more animal exhibits. Other activities you can do in this preserve are water sliding, paddleboat riding, and golfing.

2. Discover the Wonders of Science at South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Science enthusiasts and museum lovers will love the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. This amazing structure is where permanent and temporary exhibits are held, one of them being “Our Body: The Universe Within.”

Marine life species are also the main attraction. The “Aquariums of the Atlantic” is worthy to check out, as well as the “Science on a Sphere” exhibit. Biologists at work can be seen at the Florida Conservation Station, but for those who want to take their focus somewhere else, an 18-hole miniature golf course is available for all visitors.

3. Appreciate Art at its Finest at Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

The residence of sculptor Ann Weaver Norton, the widow of Ralph Hubbard Norton, is a major attraction in South Florida. The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens comprise the former residence of the artists, which features larger-than-life sculptures. In the artist’s studio, visitors can find works in wood, stone, and bronze. It is supported by paid memberships, who all make the Festival of Trees holiday exhibit possible yearly.

4. Observe Huge Marine Mammals at Manatee Lagoon

Entrance to the Manatee Lagoon is completely free, and there, visitors will not only have a fun time — the experience will give everybody golden nuggets of wisdom and awareness, concerning the endangered manatee.

The facility stands a massive 16,000 feet, where an observation balcony is prepared for visitors who want to see the huge marine mammals in action. Inside the structure are a cafe and a gift shop that sells souvenirs of many kinds.

5. Go Crazy at CityPlace

For those who don’t exactly want to travel away from the city and want to enjoy South Florida’s bustling city vibe, the CityPlace is the ultimate place to go.

CityPlace is essentially an urban city center where people can spend the whole day and night and still not see the total expanse of the place. You can do a lot, see a lot, and eat a lot. There you will find the best shopping boutiques, restaurants, bands, and all forms of entertainment that will surely pique anyone’s interest.

“First timers in Palm Beach County should definitely visit CityPlace,” says Lee Rosen. “Jewelry, clothing, or anything that can serve as gifts are a dime a dozen, and you will find a mix of international cuisines as well.” Indeed, CityPlace is also the best place for foodies. Whether you want Japanese, Southwestern, Mexican, or Tuscan food — you will find it all there.

CityPlace is one of the best ways to cap off your entire Palm Beach County trip, where the essence of South Florida will truly be experienced.




Miami Businessman Lee Rosen Should You Buy A House or A Condo

According to Miami businessman Lee Rosen, people who are thinking of buying a home often forget to think how they want to live because they are too focused on the “where” factor. Yes, they’ve already picked out the location, the type of residence, and the price, but a lot of people tend to forget that buying a home must match one's needs and wants.

How you want to live in your new home is a factor worth considering — your residence must match your lifestyle. And often, the choice boils down between a house and a condo. There are people who will benefit from living in a house and lot, while others opt to live in a condo.

If you’re currently faced with this dilemma, let’s break down the differences of both type of residences for you to pick the right choice later on.

Advantages of House Living

One huge advantage of buying a house is that you get to have the total control over your property. You can make changes or remodel the house without having to ask permission. While benefiting from the outdoor space, a house can also provide ample room indoors, which is ideal for families with a growing number of children and/or pets.

In a house, you have a basement, attic, and you can choose the size of your closet. Additionally, you are guaranteed of privacy because your property doesn’t have to be near neighbors, a choice that you can’t make when living in a condo.

Disadvantages of House Living

While living in a house presents a lot of advantages, there are drawbacks to it too. For one, a homeowner is responsible for all maintenance of the property, both indoors and outdoors. Trees, bushes, and your yard should be well kept, plus the tools and equipment for maintenance come from your own pocket. Sure it will increase the value of a house, but these things require money and time.

Utility bills also tend to be higher because houses are often more spacious than condos.

Advantages of Condo Living

With the resurgence in urban living in recent years, individuals looking to buy a property have started to consider condominiums over houses. Most condos are situated in highly urbanized areas that have quick access to restaurants, shopping malls, and other places of interest. Some condos also have amenities as a resort would, such as fitness centers and huge pools, features that you don’t usually find in an average house.

People also live busier lives these days, spending most of their time outside than in their homes. Because of this, a condominium is more ideal because maintenance doesn’t cost much and require little of it. In fact, exterior maintenance is covered by association fees so owners. What’s left for the owners to take care of is the interior of the unit.

Disadvantages of Condo Living

Unlike living in a house, you have less privacy when living in a condo. You’ll be much closer to your neighbors and you can often hear people coming in or leaving. Another concern is the lack of storage space, so you’ll really need to organize your things more efficiently.

Rules and restrictions can also be a deal breaker for some people. Some condos don’t have enough parking spaces and others don’t allow pets.


“The decision about what type of residence to buy has more to do with the stage of life of the buyer,” Lee Rosen says. Depending on your preference for community living, area, privacy, and space, you may be happier in a condo or a house. Regardless of your decision, make sure to ask the necessary questions first before signing any deal.

5 Most Stunning Golf Courses In South Palm Beach, FL

South Palm Beach County is a magnificent paradise with a beautiful weather, but this is not only the reason why people flock to this town or decide to stay for good. South Palm Beach happens to be one of the hottest locations for the best golf courses in the country.

“Public golf courses are just as stunning as country clubs,” South Florida businessman Lee Rosen says. “But take note of peak seasons and off seasons. You’ll definitely pay twice the price during peak season, but the weather is at its best.”

Whether you’re a casual player or a serious golfer, golf courses in South Palm Beach are definitely worth a try. Below are five of the best ones to keep you busy on your next day off.

1. Westchester Country Club

Strategically situated a few minutes away from Boynton Beach, players at the Westchester Country Club can do more than just golfing. This stunning 27-hole golf course features Karl Litten designed Championship Golf that has five different sets of tees.

If you want to see the best of South Florida in a country club, its three 9-hole courses are beautifully blended with its natural surroundings. Westchester also has a restaurant in the vicinity, a practice facility, and an 18- hole Par 3 course.

2. Winston Trails

An award-winning club located in Lake Worth, Winston Trails is a sight to behold. Despite offering discounted prices regularly, Winston Trails offers a private club atmosphere, made possible by the course’s designer, renowned golfer Joe Lee. In this golf course, players get to enjoy around 7,000 yards from the Championship Tees, and wide area tiled with carefully trimmed fairways and spacious landings.

Winston Trails is one perfect golf course for newbies of the game as it has short game area. There’s also a sauna nearby for the ladies and gents, and fitness center for the health buff.

3. Southwinds Golf Course

Right in the heart of Boca Raton is the beautiful Par-70 golf course called Southwinds. It’s a few minutes away from the beaches of the Atlantic, which means golfers also get to enjoy a view of the sea and luscious foliage. “It’s the reason why Southwinds Golf Course was listed in the “Best of Boca” in the years 2003 and 2004,” LeeRosen reveals.

Southwinds features a practice facility complete with putting green and bunkers. The golf course is also known for having warm and friendly staff that guarantees a delightful golfing experience.

4. Palm Beach National Golf and Country Club

Another golf course designed by the impressive Joe Lee, Palm Beach National Golf and Country Club features a classic championship layout. It’s a Par-72 golf course that boasts more 6,000 yards of beautiful scenery. It’s an 18-hole golf course that everybody can easily recognize because of its stunning landscape blanketed with cypress trees, Queen and Royal palms, laurels, and live oaks.

5. Osprey Point Golf Club

Located in Boca Raton. Osprey Point Golf Club has been getting a lot of attention since it opened in 2010. It’s one of newest golf courses in South Palm Beach, but it has already garnered TripAdvisor’s approval and named it the best golf course in the area.

Osprey Point is open Mondays through Sundays and even offers their facilities during holidays. Players will enjoy its three 9-hole courses that can be played in three 18-hole combinations.

Because of the golf course’s popularity, it is often fully booked so everyone interested must get the players card to make reservations. If you want a golf course that’s without homes and feels like a nature preserve, Osprey Point is the place to be.

South Florida Businessman Lee S. Rosen: Why It’s The Perfect Time To Invest In Fort Lauderdale

South Florida’s property market had its lows, mostly due to the retreat of Latin American buyers because of the strong dollar and an oversupply of luxury inventory. Things have changed this year, however. 2018 is the best time to invest in South Florida, specifically in the city of Fort Lauderdale.

According to South Florida businessman Lee Rosen, prices are friendlier for investors in 2018. Sellers and developers are willing to reduce up to 20% of the prices for real estate properties. Additionally, savings are at stake for those willing to relocate because of the U.S. tax reform bill. Florida is also an income tax-free state, making it the perfect place to retire.

Discover more reasons why you should think of investing in Fort Lauderdale today.

Long-Term Investment Opportunities in Fort Lauderdale

The idea of buying a property in Miami Beach seem very attractive, but you can get a better price on premierlocations in Fort Lauderdale.
“The price differential between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach was always between 25 percent and 30 percent, but now you can expect to pay 200 percent less on a price per square foot basis for a similar property,” Lee Rosen notes.

Lovely Neighborhoods

Fort Lauderdale has over 60 official neighborhoods and 25 unofficial — each having a unique personality. There are neighborhoods perfect for singles, couples, and families, and some of them have the prettiest homes with a limited number of residents. For example, living in Hollywood will allow families to enjoy its many parks and other amenities for families, while Rio Vista is a quieter area lined with trees that serve as a backdrop for its impressive architecture.

The Potential for a Higher Income

Properties in Fort Lauderdale are surrounded by exquisite views. A lot of people choose to relocate or invest in this area because of the calm ambiance that comes with waterfront living. If you decide to sell your property in the future, you’re guaranteed with a great selling point because of how ideal the location is.

Reasonable Median Home Value

Fort Lauderdale has one of the highest rental prices among Florida cities, but its median home value is reasonable. At $318,141, a lot of people prefer to purchase a property instead of renting it. In the next few years or so, however, prices of homes are projected to increase steadily. This means that if you are looking to invest Fort Lauderdale, now is the perfect time to do so. Additionally, For Lauderdale currently leads the state of Florida’s statistics in job growth, a testament that a lot of people want to call the city a home rather than a vacation spot.

Choices of Multi Family-Apartment Establishments

It doesn’t matter if you want a 5 to 40 commercial apartment building or a duplex, triplex or 4plex. In Fort Lauderdale, your choices come in varieties. Most of these buildings are strong concrete block construction and your home can either be a park view, intercoastal, or ocean view. If you have lived previously elsewhere, Fort Lauderdale is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Business Incentives in Fort Lauderdale

Retail growth in Fort Lauderdale has been explosive in recent years. This also explains the growth of business investors flocking the city. Entrepreneurs and investors want to enjoy Florida’s no personal income tax, being the state with the top tax climate and is the #2 rated state for business. Even if you’re not ready to invest big in Fort Lauderdale, you can still find ways to make a profit. Investors lacking spunk often miss out on amazing deals because of their apprehensions, but in South Florida, Mr. Rosen believes that the value is in the location. You merely have to figure out what your next move is.

South Florida Businessman Lee S. Rosen: Pros And Cons Of Setting Up A Business in Miami

When you think about the country’s entrepreneurial epicenters, cities such as New York, Seattle, Boston, and Silicon Valley are always on the top list. However, Miami is starting to put its name up on the pedestal. As a major tourist spot, it goes without saying that Miami has a steady influx of consumers making it a wonderful place for expanding and new businesses.

“People take risks in Miami,” Miami businessman Lee Rosen says. “It’s a city that doesn’t confine itself to any type of growing environment within the business climate.”

There’s a whole lot of reasons why Miami should be a top pick when setting up a business, but with that also comes drawbacks. Let’s discover them so you can decide if the international city suits you.


Rich Entrepreneurial Climate

A city with an active entrepreneurial community creates the perfect environment for new businesses. You get to be surrounded with like-minded people and learn from other professionals. If you want willing customers, you got it. Need commercial loans or professional advice? Miami has it all.

“With robust population growth and retirees moving here in numbers, the chance for small business owners to succeed in Miami is great no matter what your business niche is,” Lee Rosen says.

Environment and Tourism

It’s known to all that Miami is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. This steady influx of people gives businesses lots of opportunities and a guarantee of sales. The wonderful weather also contributes to business success because winters are almost as enjoyable as summers. That said, start-ups don’t have to worry about the clientele.

Financial Freedom

The fact that Miami has one of the largest economies in the U.S. says a lot about its financial stability. If you’re a business owner, a promise of financial incentives awaits you.

Florida enjoys a no state income tax privilege, which means business owners get to keep most of their profits. Tax write-offs and financial incentives are also offered to a variety of businesses. People are willing to spend money, making Miami a prosperous place to start a business.

Strong Workforce

Miami’s universities and colleges are among the country’s top performers of research and development. Students are enrolled in customized training programs, which means it’s easier to find high-skilled candidates for your business. There’s a strong talent pipeline and a large pool of workers, making the labor force more affordable than other leading cities.


Temporary Following

One challenge that most Miami business owners face is the difficulty to build up a loyal following right away due to the fluid nature of the population. The steady influx of people is an advantage for sure, but at the same time, it’s a drawback.

People come and go a lot, so new faces are to be expected. It’s difficult to gain loyal patrons who’ll assure business owners of a guaranteed sale. The trick is to be more aggressive in your market efforts to stand out. Your business has to be something that people can remember.

Difficulty in Navigating Regulations

All businesses, regardless of the size, must adhere to state regulations and tax codes. If you’re a newcomer, you may have a hard time navigating Miami’s system. According to some entrepreneurs, officials merely directed them to government websites and nothing more.

It is really difficult to know and come up with specific requirements to start a business, but the best route you can take is to enlist the help of business owners who have already established themselves in Miami’s business scene. And in Miami, you’ll never run out of entrepreneurs who can help.

The process of starting a business can take longer than expected based on the hurdles that you might face, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. With hard work and a bit of luck, challenges can be conquered and future growth is earned,” Rosen says.

Starting A Business In Fort Lauderdale, FL: 4 Essential Tips From Miami Entrepreneur Lee S. Rosen

So you’re starting a business. Doesn’t it seem like everyone has advice? But if we can agree on one thing, it’s the fact that a fair percentage of start-ups launched from South Florida.

“Budding entrepreneurs are starting to shun the compelling lights of New York City and established hubs like Silicon Valley,” South Florida businessman Lee Rosen says. “These days, some areas in South Florida are becoming hot spots — Fort Lauderdale one of them.”

Whether you’re a person who’s trying his luck on business for the first time or relocating your business to another location, here Lee Rosen’s top tips you should keep in mind.

1. Passion Matters

Doing what you love and making money out of it is a dream for most people, but to those who have enough resources, this can be a reality. Sure, not all entrepreneurs actually love their business, but at the very least, you have to be fired up about it.

Starting a business requires most of your energy and time on it, and to make it successful, it’s important that you care and enjoy what you do. “Love” isn’t really a requirement when starting a business, but it could be the reason why your business will last.

2. Plan Well, But Don’t Aim For Perfection

Lee S. Rosen shares that he planned for a long time while he was still in his job before deciding to go full time on his own business. He emphasizes the need for constructive criticism before opening your services or products to the public. You can start asking for feedback from family or friends, and people with experience in business.

Communication is important when you’re starting out, but don’t get too caught up in making your product perfect. It’s okay to launch something when you’re half ready. Make sure to make improvements though once your business is running.

3. Keep Costs At Minimum

Even if you have all the cash flow in the world, it will be entirely useless if that cash flow is not positive, which means you have to bring in more cash than you pay out.

For starting businesses, it’s crucial that expenses and costs are low. One tip is to avoid paying retail as much as you can and rely on slightly used items to furnish your retail space or office.

When it comes to vendors, it will do your business good if you pay up front so you can negotiate lower prices when possible. Credit is at a premium in the current economic environment, which means vendors are open to creative ways to make transactions work.

4. Ask Yourself If Youre Better At Entrepreneurship or Franchising

America’s franchise industry has experienced massive growth over the last seven years, according to the International Franchise Association. It makes absolute sense, considering franchising is one way of getting into business without spending too much.

So how do you know if you’re fit for franchising? Try walking into a store. If you find yourself suddenly pointing out things that should be improved, you might be more inclined to run a franchise. However, if it’s in you to address a specific demand in the market or want to promote your own products, entrepreneurship is a better idea.

One big reason why Fort Lauderdale is proving to be so business-friendly is the fact that the area is in a good geographical location. The rail and road networks will get in you in and out easily and is situated not far from a major network.

For your business to be future-proof, Mr. Rosen says Fort Lauderdale is a strong contender.

Miami Businessman Lee Rosen: 5 Things You Realize About South Florida The Moment You Move In

Thousands of people move in and out of South Florida every year. Notice the inclusion of the moving out figure. It’s because no matter how exciting the thought might be, relocating to South Florida isn’t for everyone.

“There’s a big difference between thinking you’re a local and actually being one,” says South Florida businessman Lee Rosen. “There’s a lot to take in, but what people should understand is that we’re not just about nightclubs and beaches.”

Apart from South Florida’s languid heat, here are other things you’ll realize as soon as you move in.

1. Nobody Cares About the Beach, Especially in the Summer

There are actually people in America who haven’t seen the beach in years. And if you’re one of them, your eagerness to pack your beach towel and suntan lotion is obviously sky-high — that’s okay. Except… knowing the beach is just down the street isn’t exactly a big deal to South Floridians because they’re sick of it and the sand is like tiny pieces of burning coals. If the locals can’t take it, neither can you.

2. Sawgrass Mills is One Unconquerable Landmass

To say that this mall is enormous is an understatement. You might be a long-time resident of South Florida, but it’s possible you’ve never seen the whole of Sawgrass Mills. Anything and everything you want is basically in there, from the usual stuff found in malls to the weirdest of items you’d think nobody would dare sell.

How big is the mall exactly? It’s 2.1 million square feet of space with over 350 stores and outlet shops. You’ll need a survival guide before you bask in this glorious structure and come out walking straight. But if you have money to spend, Sawgrass Mills is definitely worth visiting, because who doesn’t want to be dazed and confused once in a while?

3. It’s Either Too Hot or Too Wet

Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for no reason. It is, indeed, sunny in Florida, but it doesn’t stay that way all year long. If you’re doing certain measures to combat the intense heat of the sun, the same efforts must be exerted when preparing for hurricanes.

While making sure you have enough sunscreen and you’ve installed an AC, knowing South Florida’s evacuation routes is also important. Make sure your place has storm shutters and prepare a hurricane kit as well, along with a safe to keep your important documents. Lastly, see to it that your home has insurance to cover you against wind or flood damage.

4. You Can Grow Your Own Food

Despite prone to flooding, South Florida’s weather is perfect for growing all kinds of fruits such as avocados and mangoes. You’ve chosen to relocate to South Florida; you might as well take advantage of its rich sandy soil. Go ahead and grow yourself some key lime, lemon, grapefruit, and oranges.

The weather in South Florida is also good for growing herbs and lettuce. With fertilizer, you can grow peppers, green beans, and tomatoes as well. Mangoes ripen in the summer, while other crops are typically grown in the winter.

5. You Suddenly Find Yourself Brushing Up Your Spanish

In many areas of South Florida, Spanish has become the most-spoken language, toppling English over. You may think you’ll be able to survive by speaking English alone but to settle in like a local, navigate easily, and conduct business, speaking Español is necessary.

“A few South Florida cities have been named among the best cities to live in,” Lee Rosen quips. “Some people leave, but most of them stay because really, even the craziest ideas work in Florida,” he adds. “You’ll live.”

Boca Raton Businessman Lee S. Rosen: 5 Things To Do In Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton businessman Lee S. Rosen has only beautiful things to say about Boca Raton — and rightly so. This Southeastern Florida city is a treasure trove of beaches, golf courses, and parks. That’s not to mention its rich cultural climate, active entertainment scene, and a multitude of shopping and vacation destinations.

“Boca Raton is not a city with plenty of parks; it’s a city WITHIN a park,” jokes Lee Rosen, a long time entrepreneur in and out of South Florida. The city has a whopping 46 parks, each with its own amenities, including playgrounds, pools, basketball courts, soccer fields, you name it. If you are looking for free Zumba classes or yoga and tai-chi sessions, Boca (as the locals fondly call it) has it.

Here are five fun things you can do when in Boca Raton, Florida.

1. Enjoy the sunset at South Inlet Park Beach.

This location features both manmade and natural reefs that will look stunning for snorkelers. Aside from water activities, you can also do fishing and cycling on site. If you just want to relax and bask in the sun, you can certainly do so — even with small kids around. This place sees a lot of families having picnics, and there are plenty of lifeguards on duty to help keep everyone safe.

2. Be a kid again at Sugar Sand Park.

“This is a favorite because it never gets old,” muses Lee Rosen. Sugar Sand Park sits on a 53-hectare land with an outdoor science-themed water playground, basketball courts, six baseball fields, an inline hockey court, a carousel, and dozens of picnic tables all around. In addition, it holds the Children’s Science Explorium, the Field House, and the Willow Theater. Visitors of all ages will definitely enjoy hanging out here and devoting full day wouldn’t be enough.

3. Shop ’til you drop at Mizner Park.

Known as Boca Raton’s “lifestyle hub,” Mizner Park is where the serious shoppers go. The place sits on a vast property that also features top-rated restaurants and mini-attractions to delight mostly he younger crowd. It is also home to the Count de Hoernele Amphitheater and the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

4. Luxe tripping at the Town Center.

This is the city’s more upscale shopping destination and is pretty popular being the largest enclosed shopping mall in Palm Beach County. It houses more than 200 shops, including Neiman Marcus and Macy’s. Town Center is the second largest mall in South Florida (in terms of area).

5. Getting closer to the environment at Red Reef Park Beach.

Being in Boca Raton, one can never really run out of beach destinations to enjoy, Red Reef certainly stands out as one the most popular destinations both for tourists and locals. This park is home to the Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex, which has an indoor musuem, a number of aquariums featuring ocean wildlife, and a gift shop. It also has a boardwalk trail for the adventure seekers, which lets you explore the nearby woody section that houses a lovely garden and an observation tower.

“Boca Raton is a nice destination for solo travelers, couples, and even families, with kids,” adds Miami businessman Lee Rosen. “You can never really think too much about going to this city because there’s always something for everybody. Just can just go to Boca on a whim and you’ll still find something entertaining.”

Miami Businessman Lee Rosen Shares Golden Startup Tips For New Entrepreneurs

Miami businessman Lee S. Rosen has been helping many small business owners get a better handle of their ideas so they can translate these into profitable realities. With decades of experience on his back, both in the real and online realms, this South Florida entrepreneur certainly knows what it takes for startups to succeed. After all, Lee Rosen has helped form several companies from ground zero, including Healthy Bees LLC, DDS Technologies, and New Generation Biofuels. On top of that, this Boca Raton businessman is also an avid golfer, thus laying truth to the idea that true entrepreneurs stay grounded through sports.

Primary in his advice for startup entrepreneurs is to not count the chickens before the eggs hatch. As one moves into a new industry or tries to establish a name in a new niche, the goal is to just lay the foundation first and work to meet goals before listing down what you want to buy out of the projected profit. Lee S. Rosen shares his five golden nuggets of wisdom for small business owners.

1. Absorb everything.

Because you’re starting a new product or service, you will need all the feedback you can get from everyone. Good or bad, these pieces of advice are what will help you improve on your weaknesses. “Successful entrepreneurs are so because they know how to listen and act like a sponge when it comes to new information,” notes Lee Rosen.

Encourage people to be honest with you so you can find better ways to do things. Remember, without your customer, you won’t have any profits to speak of. By listening to what they have to say, no matter how “painful,” you learn. And it is only by accepting your weakness that you can move closer towards success.

2. No room for excuses.

“Business is not for those who constantly make excuses,” says Lee S. Rosen. Listing reasons why you cannot do a certain task will not make that job any easier nor will it get done. Worrying about the risks that your startup might face is normal, but it serves you better to find a solution or to be proactive about addressing potential problems before they arise. See every setback as a chance to improve and learn — don’t let it keep you from moving forward.

3. Present solutions or be one.

Think about what your product or service will solve. Successful startups are so because they addressed a problem and provided a fix. Don’t just think about what you want to sell; consider who it will help and anchor your strategy on that. For example, don’t open a coffee shop just because you love coffee. Set it up because there’s a market in your neighborhood that wants to enjoy fresh coffee anytime of the day but with an ambience.

4. Take note of your expenses.

Your idea sounds stellar and looks like it does have the potential to have you earn big bucks. But, first, what does it cost to get there? You will need to list down every expense related to launching and operating your new business. “These costs include rent, office supplies, marketing, even that coffee you bought for the first staff meeting, all those should be factored in,” says Rosen.

As your new business sets up, you have to be prepared to welcome costs from every angle. That includes your personal budget. Review all your funding options (like savings, loans, or borrowing money from a family member) before operating your startup.

5. Speak up.

Many startups fail to move past the launch phase because they are too shy to tell the world what they are about and what they can offer to the world. Remember that your goal is sell and make a profit. If you’re not over that shyness (or fear), it will be very difficult for you to make money.

“In my early days as a businessman, I feared having to speak to people to offer my services. I didn’t have any public speaking training, so I wasn’t open to the idea,” recounts Lee Rosen. “But experience teaches you a lot of things — one of those is that you need to speak confidently about your business, because nobody else will.”