Lee S. Rosen – Honey Bee Farming

Lee Rosen  – Honey bee farming is quite interesting.

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It is one of the most enjoyable types of businesses out there. The honey bee extracts honey from its natural surroundings and then converts it into something that is consumable. In addition, honey bees help to pollinate the vegetables and fruits in one’s area. The following are some of the aspects involving honey bee farming.

How Do Bee Farms Work?

Bee farms raise bees. They collect and gather honey, sell bees, royal jelly, bees’ wax, propolis, pollen, bee venom and other bee products. Most beekeepers maintain hives for honey, but bees also produce other useful products. Beeswax from cell caps and old combs is used for high-quality candles, pharmaceuticals, lotions, and friction-reducing waxes for skis and surfboards. As well as honey, several other bee products are sources of food for humans. Bee brood (young bees that are housed in the brood comb of a hive) is consumed as a form of meat in many non-European countries.