Lee S. Rosen Miami: The Melting Pot For All Things Fun And Abundant — Even For Bees

Lee S. Rosen Miami: The Melting Pot For All Things Fun And Abundant — Even For Bees

Miami is a melting pot for so many things related to culture and entertainment. Hence, it is no surprise that a good number of Americans want to settle down in this city or retire here. From its stunning beaches, bustling nightlife, active business district and more, there are plenty of reasons why Miami is considered a hub for commerce, travel and sheer indulgence.

The fact that this city is a great place to start a business is the key reason why Lee S. Rosen decided to put up shop in Miami, FL, out of all the US locations. Lee Rosen is the chief executive and chairman of Healthy Bees LLC, a revolutionary company that is bent on preserving the health and wealth that honey bees bring to the world. For one, Miami’s sub-tropical climate and enveloping seas make it highly conducive for agriculture and beekeeping.

“Miami is not just the ultimate escape for fun and freedom. It’s the perfect place to develop Healthy Bees and BeesVita Plus because agriculture has lots of room to flourish here,” said Lee Rosen. “That’s not to mention all the fun and hip activities that spring from this place. Miami is simply perfect to build a business and stay for the long term.”

One can never really run out of things to do in Miami. This is why it’s one of the top vacation destinations for many Americans and international tourists. In Miami, one feels so welcome to play and stay simply because of its rich cultural base. You’re most likely to find somebody of your orientation in this melting pot that you instantly feel like one with the city.

In fact, according to recent population figures, about 65 percent of the Miami-Dade County is of Latin American origin. Haitian Creole neighborhoods are also abundant. The varying cultures therefore establish a rich mosaic, as evidenced by the multitude of festivals and events that happen all year round.

Of course, when it comes to building a stable business that involves the health of honey bees, it is the perfect balance of the Miami climate that takes the cake, Lee S. Rosen adds. Miami enjoys some 80 to 90 degrees F in the summer and a just-right cool 65 degrees during the winter season. The glowing sun and sea breeze from the Atlantic makes almost every day a perfect one to be at the beach.