South Florida Businessman Lee S. Rosen: 5 Best FL Neighborhoods For Families With Small Kids

Starting a family and raising small children can be quite a challenge, no matter where you are. Dangers lurking in the shadows in urban areas and sky-high costs of living can make it difficult for people—especially parents— to decide where to settle and have their family.

Still, there are places that have been proven to be safe and affordable for raising small kids without sacrificing quality lifestyle and education. In fact, Lee S. Rosen, a businessman from Miami, attested to the fact that Florida houses some of these ideal places.

Criteria In Choosing A Neighborhood

Deciding on a neighborhood to settle in can be difficult if you have no idea what to look for. When looking for a property in Florida, make sure to consider the following criteria before bringing your family to a new neighborhood:

  • Quality schools in terms of teaching and facilities
  • The high number of families with children residing in the area
  • Crime rate and safety measures that are being implemented
  • The high number of homeownership among families
  • The number of homes catering one family at a time
  • Adult population with college or advanced degrees

Many demographers— and even family heads— consider these six things as the key factors that signify the quality of life for families with small children. After taking these into consideration, researchers have chosen Saint Johns, Florida as the best town to raise children in the state as of 2017 while Ponte Vedra Beach trails at second and Lutz takes the third place.

Top 5 Neighborhoods According to the Residents

While most demographers use the factors mentioned earlier in determining which neighborhoods are considered as the best for families with children, people who actually reside in several communities in Florida have varying opinions about the matter.

In fact, most of them voted for the top 5 communities in Florida, as follows:

#1 – Horizon West

This suburb located in Orange County, Florida garnered a stellar score from residents in terms of housing, public schools, jobs, outdoor activities, and diversity. Overall, it was given an A+ and was deemed as the best place to live in when raising a family with small children.

Currently, the area has a population of over 22,000 and has a median rent of about $1,602, which is slightly higher than the national average of $949. However, most of the residents in this area own their house, leaving only 34 percent for those who are renting their homes.

#2 – Oviedo

Oviedo comes in at second place as residents viewed the community as an “over-sized, close-knit neighborhood,” which is perfect for families with small children. Its grade on public schools is slightly lower than Horizon West but is still considered excellent. Some of its 37,000 residents also expressed their feeling of safety and sense of security in the neighborhood, even when walking home at night. The percentage of homeowners in this area is a lot higher than those who rent their abode.

#3 – Windermere

The suburb of Windermere in Orlando, Florida has one of the smallest populations in the state with only 3,000 residents. Most of the people here own their houses, although the median home value is higher than the national average. The crime and safety rate in this area is above average while the median household income is set at around double the national average.

#4 – Fish Hawk

The suburb of Fish Hawk in Tampa, Florida earned the fourth place in the Top 5 best places to raise a family with small kids in the state because of its above average public schools and housing. With a population of over 17,000, the members of the community see this place as a great place to reside in because of the outstanding amenities and the beautiful landscape.

#5 – Weston

Weston in Miami, Florida takes the fifth spot because the residents see it as a family-oriented and diverse neighborhood. While it is a small place, it houses a wide variety of people and earned an outstanding mark when it comes to economic and ethnic diversity.