The Amazing Role Of Honey Bees To Life; Interview With Healthy Bees CEO Lee Rosen

The Amazing Role Of Honey Bees To Life; Interview With Healthy Bees CEO Lee Rosen

Many of us are not aware of the huge role honey bees play in the keeping the earth’s balance. Because bees are largely responsible for pollinating flowers and, thereby, producing majority of the world’s food, the fact that their population seems to be dying out is cause for concern.

In a survey of over thousands of beekeepers all over the United States, a decline of 33 percent in the number of bee colonies from April 2016 to 2017 was noted. Alarmingly so, this is not a new occurrence. Over the past 10 years, bee colonies have dropped by around 40 percent.

“Honey Bees are responsible for one-third of the earth’s supply of food,” notes Lee S. Rosen, CEO of Healthy Bees LLC. While the drop observed last year is lower compared to what the bee community has been experiencing over the last decade, the fact that colony numbers are consistently dwindling is a major threat to our food supply.

Healthy Bees LLC is a breakthrough company that exists with one primary goal in mind — to ensure the good health of honey bees and their colonies. By doing so, the agricultural sector remains alive and nobody becomes in danger of losing access to food.

“Colony collapse disorder, also called CCD, wiped out nearly 80 percent of the bee colonies in a certain region in Italy,” Lee Rosen said. “However, one small town’s beekeeper managed to protect its bees from dying. Our team of scientists, headed by Dr Francesca del Vecchio, studied why this small family farm was spared and found out that it had a lot to do with what the bees were ingesting.”

Healthy Bees LLC thus created BeesVita Plus, which is a nutritional system for honey bees that is aimed at boosting their natural defenses. According to research, bees have started dying out due to many factors including parasites, poor nutrition, diseases and pesticides.

Given the situation, Lee Rosen recommends that even ordinary citizens do their share in keeping the honey bee colonies alive and well. One does not need to be a farmer to contribute to the effort. It can start with a simple gesture as choosing to buy honey from local bee farmers.

You can also discontinue using pesticides in your yard and start going organic. Naturally healthy bees need a good environment for them to thrive. Make your own garden conducive for their propagation.

“The health of honey bees requires community effort,” notes Rosen. “It’s time we all do our share in preserving them if we want to make the earth a place of abundance not just for ourselves but also for the many more generations to come.”