What’s It Like To Live In Miami? South Florida Businessman Lee Rosen Shares His Insights

Lee Rosen – Miami is called “The Magic City” not just because of this 24/7 bustling party scene but mostly because it is one of the largest business centers in the world. The place is home to one of the largest cruise ports in the US, thus opening a lot of doors for tourism, commerce, creative arts and more. In addition, the diversity of its inhabitants make it a melting pot of cultures and communities, placing it a par with the likes of New York only with more sun and sand.  According to statistics, Miami is home to a large Hispanic community, most of whom come from Cuba, so it’s really a diverse and fun mix of music, cuisine, and art.

“There’s a lot of reasons to visit and live in Miami, and that goes out to individuals, families and business owners,” notes Lee Rosen, chairman and CEO of Miami-based bee supplement maker Healthy Bees LLC. “I’ve been living here for years and have seen so many new people finding fresh opportunities to enrich their lives. Miami never really runs out of room for growth,” Lee Rosen adds.

Some people have the impression that Miami is just for the partygoers and businesses that cater to this type of market. Well, we really can’t blame them because that’s really what we mostly see on TV and movies. However, there is a lot more to “The Magic City” beyond its party-hard reputation. In addition to having plenty of career growth options and it’s simply lovable weather all-year-round, it is also a wonderful place to raise a family, whether traditional or non-traditional.

“The average annual salary for Miami is around $46,000 while the monthly rent normally goes at $1,100. At $200,000, you can already buy a nice home. That’s not bad for this world-class location,” adds Lee Rosen. “Miami is not all about entertainment and partying. There’s actually plenty of quiet areas that are well suited for growing families.”

When it comes to getting around, however, its still-developing public transport system leaves a lot to be desired. This is why most residents drive their cars around to get anywhere, thus causing heavy traffic. “Residents are hoping they that the improvements to the Metrorail or Metrobus get completed soon, so people can stop being so dependent on cars, ” notes Lee Rosen.